The childhood years were buried in picture books of fairytales while watching television with the volume turned off to a soundtrack of a record player emitting the sounds of classical music or science fiction stories. In the mind of a child, a new picture book of my own history began to emerge in a solitary room where the conversations appeared.

Within this room is the conversation of my child self and adult self as they discover a world infused with mythology, symbolism, and allegory that covers a harmonious and at times inharmonious psychology of life, love, and inevitably loss. The conversations weave around the room in a dreamscape of philosophy through the doorways of the imagination and into the realms of a  lifetime of experiences.

What this conversation in pictures of thought holds is a reference to all things, all beings in this life journey that stems from a place of growth, trauma, knowledge, and the light of other rooms belonging to other people.

And the story continues.